Is lutein good for eyes?

Conclusion first, lutein supplementation is really useful!

Kindly reminder!

If you don’t have eye diseases, don’t use eye drops!
Most eye drops contain preservatives, long-term use will make the eyes feel dry, painful and other discomfort, but also damage the corneal epithelium.

Lutein, a carotenoid naturally found in fruits and vegetables, is a good antioxidant that protects cells from free radical damage. Lutein exists in the eyes, skin, serum, cervix, brain, heart and chest of the human body. It is especially important for the eyes and is the most important nutrient for the retina and cataract.

What does lutein do to the eyes?

  1. Anti-free radicals

Because ultraviolet rays and blue light in sunlight enter the eyes, a large number of free radicals will be produced, and these free radicals are very easy to damage the optic nerve. Lutein has a good anti-free radical effect, which can inhibit the formation of free radicals, thereby reducing the damage to the eyes.

  1. Filter blue light

Whether it is natural light or all kinds of electronic products we usually face, there is something that we can’t guard against – blue light!

This is not something that we can avoid by playing less electronic products, so we can only use some means to slow down its damage to the eyes! Lutein is one of the most efficient and direct methods.

Because the color of lutein is yellowish-red, it can effectively absorb and filter blue light, thereby avoiding the damage of short-wave blue light to the eyes.

  1. Promote the regeneration of rhodopsin

Rhodopsin is one of the three color-sensing photopigments contained in the cone cells of the human eye, and is an important substance for maintaining vision. Lutein can promote the regeneration of rhodopsin in the retina, making vision clearer and protecting vision health.

  1. Protect the macula and prevent macular degeneration

The macula is the most important area of the retina in charge of vision and can be called the “heart of the fundus”. We often say that the vision is good or bad, mainly depends on the function of the macula. Supplementing lutein can increase the concentration of lutein in human eyes, increase the density of macular pigment, protect the macula, promote macular development, and prevent macular degeneration.

Lutein can be supplemented in daily diet, why choose lutein products?
As mentioned earlier, our body cannot produce lutein on its own, and it can only be ingested through external supplementation.

Like ordinary fruits, vegetables and eggs, they all contain lutein. Like spinach, cabbage, pistachios and eggs are relatively rich in content, an egg has about 0.14 mg of lutein, the highest should be spinach – 100 grams of raw spinach contains 6.6 mg of lutein.

However, because lutein is a fat-soluble vitamin, it has poor thermal stability, and ordinary food needs to be cooked, and it will be degraded by gastric acid when it is eaten, resulting in a lower utilization rate of it by the human body!

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