The role of fisetin in anti-aging

Fisetin,CAS#: 528-48-3, is a flavonoid found in strawberries (160 μg/g) and other fruits and vegetables.

Not only does it have direct antioxidant activity, it also increases levels of the main antioxidant glutathione in cells. In the presence of oxidative stress, fisetin also maintains mitochondrial function and protects nerve cells from oxidative stress-induced death.

A key mechanism leading to senescence is cellular senescence, in which DNA damage, mitochondrial dysfunction, or the accumulation of other cellular stressors cause cells to enter a “zombie” state of replication arrest and resistance to apoptosis.

As a natural compound, fisetin can target and timely remove apoptotic senescent cells, because our body will have the problem of decreased autophagy ability and slow metabolism after a certain age. The existence of thionone can help the body to complete this process very well, and it has a strong analytical ability, which can accurately remove dead senescent cells and clear the obstacles for autophagy.

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